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GreyMAA Tutorials

Grey Model Accelerator Academy

Teaching you the profession of modelling

What is GreyMAA?

Think of GreyMAA as your Model Grandmother.

She has seen, experienced, competed in and defeated every modelling mountain and valley. She is many people: Gender, Age, Ethnicity, Physique, Personality & Ability.


Her industry knowledge is rooted in her own experience and all those around her including models, stylists, photographers, producers, casting directors, brands and advertising agencies who have all come here to share their wisdom and experience with YOU!

YOU are the next generation models. GreyMAA is here to help you realise that dream.

Grey Model Accelerator Academy

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Presented by Rebecca Valentine,
Founder & CEO at Grey Model Agency.

Rebecca has worked in advertising representing top international photographers, artists, models and musicians for over twenty-five years. She has negotiated world record-breaking usage licenses, launched photographers and models from obscurity to international renown and continues to manage global models of all ages for major campaigns and brands. She is a dedicated instigator, speaker and game-changer on true representation and diversity.

Pricing Plans Explained


Individual Modules

Great for trying out the course when on a budget. You can purchase any module in any order.
You will still gain access to all the notes, videos, upgrades and downloads for that module + access to the portal.

Each module is one fixed price and can be accessed as many times as you need.

Currently the Complete course is the same price as seven modules, so you can get going straight away!


Complete Course

By investing in the whole course you will be taken through each module in the preferred order.
This will ensure you gain a comprehensive understanding as each module interlinks with the next.
Each module will be spaced one week apart so you are not overwhelmed with information. 
You will gain access to all areas of the course including videos, charts, portal and downloads. 

Coming Soon!


Model Mentors

These will be priced separately from the Tutorials. Each Mentor will provide their dates and times of availability (and location as they are based around the world). You select the mentor and the time that suits you. 

These are Zoom sessions and you can submit your questions and your links ahead of your mentor meeting so everyone is prepared.

Coming Soon!



Masterclasses & Events will be created based on demand. Once a location has reached a minimum number of alumni we will create LIVE EVENTS that can include Experts, Mentors, Clients, Bookers and Creatives

These will be held in large cities internationally and we will let everyone know via the portal and newsletters so you can grab your place.

Coming Soon!